In the technology services division, Salcon acquired Volksbahn Technologies Sdn Bhd (VBT) with the aim of providing smart city solutions through a 15-years concession granted exclusively by Prasarana Malaysia Bhd to lay and operate fibre-optic cables along the light rail transit (LRT) and monorail lines in the Klang Valley.

Salcon aims to leverage on Prasarana’s more than one million daily commuters to provide advertising, remitting and ticketing services in the future. In addition to that, through this strategic partnership, Salcon looks forward to pioneering smart city implementations and operations which focus on sustainable outcomes for citizens, municipal authorities and delivery partners.

To be a nationwide premier provider of a robust, affordable and accessible fibre network.
  • To enable dynamic, advanced & future proof technology to the nation.
  • To provide a sharing of facilities & services while maintaining network neutrality.
  • Optimize the country bandwidth pricing structure to increase the penetration rate of high speed broadband to all households