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USM and Salcon unit in Research and Development
Sunday 13 June 2010

Penang, June 13, 2010 - Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Salcon Centrimax Engineering Sdn Bhd signed an agreement today to formalise their collaboration in the development and commercialisation of membrane technology for use in water and industrial wastewater treatment plant.

Based on today’s Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA), USM and Salcon Centrimax Engineering Sdn Bhd, will use membrane separation technology for water and wastewater treatment applications.
Membrane separation technology is recognised as an efficient, reliable and innovative technology that exhibits high potential to be applied in water treatment. Various studies related to this matter have been carried out by Prof Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad and his research team from the Chemical Engineering School, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Prof Dr Abdul Latif’s team has in the past, conducted research on the usage of membrane separation technology and it is scientifically proven that this technology has the potential in treating wastewater.
The introduction of this innovative technology for industrial wastewater treatment will have the following advantages:
  1.  zero discharge potentials which lead to the sustainability in environment protection and overall development of the industry.
  2. cleaner technique/system for waste management.
  3. economic potentials in terms of small land requirement, modest capital and operating investment, recycling of treated water and possibility of producing raw materials for other value added products such as fertilizer.
  4. could serve as a role model of world leading technology for POME treatment among all palm oil producers and exporters. 
In order to prove the efficiency of a novel integrated membrane technology for industrial water treatment at a commercial level, a scale-up plant need to be designed, constructed and tested.
The signing of today's RCA will mark Salcon and USM's commitment to jointly develop and commercialise industrial wastewater treatment plant, using membrane separation technology.


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