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Non-Revenue Water or NRW is the amount of treated water that is put into a supply system but does not bring in revenue to the water supply company. The main components that contribute to NRW are pipe leakages, reservoir overflows, meter under-registration and illegal connections.

SALCON offers comprehensive and holistic solutions in controlling NRW losses to acceptable levels, using modern NRW concepts and techniques in:

  • Pressure management
  • Active leakage control
  • Speed & quality of repairs
  • Infrastructure management
  • Meter replacement programme
  • Billing data management
  • Identifying illegal connections

Through implementation of NRW reduction and control works in various projects, SALCON has provided benefits to our clients in:

  • More water to be made available for the people
  • Conserving valuable water resources
  • Reduced operational expenditure
  • Reduced pumping thus save energy and environment
  • Less interruption and contamination in water supply
  • Improved financial situation of utilities by improving revenue and deferring capital works program

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